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Fire Damage Restoration Tips

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Restoring a house from fire damage requires skill and ability to handle disasters.  Unless you are sure of what you are doing, it would be advisable to look for a fire-damage restoration company to help with the case. These professionals are well trained, have the required items needed for a safe and complete restoration process, and are aware of the risks that come with fire damage. Outlined below are a few tips on how to deal with fire damage safely.

In case of fire damage, the first step one should take is to alert the insurance company. You are required to do this first-hand so that the insurance company can investigate the cause of fire, and then determine how much damage there is for compensation purposes. If you were living on a rented house, it would then be advisable to contact both the insurance company and the property owner. It is after the proprietor and the insurer has inspected the house, that you can hire a fire-damage restoration expert to help handle the mess.

Although most insurance companies will refer you to a restoration company, it would be advisable to look into the company first before signing any papers. To start with, make sure the company is licensed and certified to offer its services to the public. Experience and restoration costs should also be considered as well. One thing you however need to know about these professionals is that, they are paid to help clean and restore the house, as well as advise you on items that can be used, and those that are unusable.

The first step in every fire damage restoration is to ensure the house is well ventilated.  If need be, involve fire marshals in the exercise as this is their area of specialty. The fire experts will look into the damage and determine whether it is safe to get into the house.  Should there be any cases of water damage; an intense moisture residue removal will be required. Moisture can cause farther damage and even promote the growth of molds, which is a problem you don’t want to deal with at this stage.

Dehumidification is recommended in warm weather, while running the central heating system during cold weather does the trick. Once the fire mess has been taken care of, it will then be your responsibility to ensure furniture; carpets and electronics in the house are clean.  Deodorization is vital in every fire damage restoration exercise. This should be done on carpet and drapes to ensure smoke odor is taken care of. Proper cleaning also helps ensure soot and other elements that come from burning items is taken care of.


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Throughout history water damage has been a cause of devastation for both lives and property. The good news is that with the recent advancement in technology there is hope for goods damaged by water. New innovative technology has facilitated the reviving of property that has been damaged by water. This cutting edge technology is guaranteed to make the damaged good appear undamaged as they were in their original state.

After flooding the stagnant water can be such a headache to rid off. Proper equipment is required to drain the water. However before the water can be drained off, they are likely to cause damage to floorboards, carpet and rugs, walls and other belongings that are within their level. Professionals are called in for the draining of the water following carefully orchestrated step-by-step process in the restoration of goods.

The first step in water damaged restoration is drying the wet areas. This is very crucial because waterlogged areas are high hazard areas for electricity and electric equipment, which may cause bodily harm or even start a fire through shock or shot. Decontamination of an area is the second procedure in water restoration form damaged goods. This is carried out to ensure no harmful organisms are left behind.

Companies that are skilled in water damaged restoration are also responsible for the prevention of mold formation through high-tech procedure that require state of the art equipment and qualified professionals. The other role carried out by these companies is loss assessment and monitoring. This is crucial for the client to have an estimate of the lost goods and the overhaul of the restoration process in mind.

Timing is crucial in the restoration of damaged goods. Affected parties should call the water restoration companies within 48 of the water damage to increase the chances of restoring the goods to their original state after restoration. It’s important however for the client to be very choosy when it comes to hiring water damage restoration companies. For a major and thorough restoration big companies with reputations should be favored. This is because they have the man power and equipment to carry out the task at hand with ease while deploying their state of the art equipment to perform a superb job.

Reputed water damaged restoration companies are preferred because they adhere to government approved procedural standards, which are reliable based on research carried out and practical experiences. These companies are also responsible for carrying out other restoration procedure, which may be necessary with varying situation. These include freeze drying process which is carried out in order to properly freeze goods damaged by the water before they deteriorate any further. The goods are then expertly heated allowing the frozen water to thaw and evaporate away leaving the goods intact with no further damage.

Some more restoration processes that may be carried out on water damaged goods are structural drying, crawl space drying, sewage cleanups and mold remediation. The key to restoring goods damaged by water is through rapid action and choosing the best company there is.

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